Straw Boys Single Grain Irish Whiskey


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Straw Boys are an old West of Ireland tradition. Variously cited as being groups of mysterious revellers, they are known for arriving to wedding parties uninvited where they then enjoy drinks, a dance with the bride and groom and disappear into the night from whence they came.

The appearance of Straw Boys in their disguises made of straw was taken to impart ‘good luck’ on the happy couple and to augur well for their life together.

‘Spirit of the Unorthodox’
There was and remains nothing orthodox about uninvited guests with straw masks turning up to a wedding party. There was also nothing orthodox in how the founders of Connacht Distillery went about bringing distilling back to County Mayo after 150 years. A green field site made far more sense than renovating an old bakery but something about doing the difficult thing appealed to them.

Despite all of their industry experience gained over many years, they chose to create their distillery in the most Westerly corner of Ireland in a place where you get 4 seasons in 1 day and where no (legal) spirits had been produced for over 150 years. Connacht Distillery celebrates doing things the old-fashioned way as much as trying something new to see what the final product might be.

Unorthodox? Maybe. Delicious? Always.

Straw Boys Irish Whiskey deserves to be savoured with good friends (and Straw Boys everywhere). Raise a glass to those who defy convention, try new things or who just need to begin their whiskey journey. Celebrate the unorthodox everywhere, every day.

This is a gentle Irish whiskey, designed to be mixed as well as sipped. At 43% ABV it lends itself to experimentation.


Tasting Notes for Straw Boys Irish Whiskey

Colour: straw, winter sun

Nose: intense fruity sweetness from ripe apples, pear and tropical passionfruit, zesty notes from oranges and floral notes from orange blossoms, the grain character is very obvious with slightly dusty notes like on a warm summer day during harvest, soft spices like vanilla and mace round off a very smooth and balanced smell

Palate: the fruity sweetness plays the main role again, directly followed by lively orange zests and fresh spicy aromas. Maturation notes influenced by oak barrels and oxidation stay in the background and contribute to complexity. The whiskey is nearly silky on the tongue since the alcohol is very well integrated.

Finish: still fruity and soft spicy with sweet-peppery notes like from cubeb pepper berries. Later slightly oily with some roasted aromas.

Comment: this is a fruit bomb with an undeniable whiskey character, uncomplicated and easy drinking. The perfect companion for a relaxed evening with friends – neat or as a mixer.

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