straw boys irish vodka


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The name “Straw Boys” celebrates the traditions of family, friends, and neighbours inherent in the history of Ireland’s spirit distilling. Crashing parties, particularly weddings, is a long-standing tradition, and in the west of Ireland wedding crashers were known as “straw boys.”

Straw boys would obscure their faces with large conical hats made of straw, pop into the reception, dance with the bride and groom, have a quick drink, and then be on their way. The appearance of straw boys at a wedding was a sign of good luck for the couple. It is with this same rambunctious joy we present Straw Boys Irish Vodka.

To outsiders, the humble potato is often synonymous with Ireland, so using them to make Irish vodka makes sense. However, Connacht Distillery is located in western Ireland where potato farming is not particularly prevalent, so we opted to use wheat as the base of
our vodka. It is batch distilled in copper pot stills and hand bottled at our distillery.

Taste profile:

Straw Boys Irish Vodka has a rich mouthfeel that is luscious, silky and semi-sweet.
Deliciously smooth with a hint of pepper and a lingering sweetness.


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