Port Cask Aged Gin


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Our award winning Conncullin Irish Gin – but with a twist!

Previous editions of our cask aged gin have been rested in toasted French oak casks. This time, the distilling team thought it would be interesting to try resting it in some casks which previously contained port.

Port is a fortified wine produced in the Douro Valley of Northern Portugal. It is, generally, a sweet red wine (frequently served with dessert or cheese) but it may also come in dry, semi-dry or white varieties.

This 2022 limited edition of just 2,100 bottles is a rare treat. Juniper forward with a light floral note, the elderberry flower and hawthorn berry botanicals of Conncullin are beautifully complemented by a hint of sweetness from the Port cask in the form of white grapes and honey on the finish.

Danika, our resident tour guide & mixologist, has created a tempting cocktail for you to create at home (details below) but this gin is also just as good on the rocks, sipped with friends.


Port in the Storm

You will need:
1 teaspoon apple jam
1 teaspoon wild North Mayo honey
1 dash of cinnamon
2 dashes of smoked pear bitters (we use Beara Bitters)
2 shots sweet and sour
1 1/2 shots Conncullin Port Cask Aged Irish Gin

Shake in a cocktail shaker, pour it over a large cube – but before you do that run some lemon juice around the rim of your glass and dip it in cinnamon sugar

Recipe from Danika at the distillery – find her on Instagram @mirasmammamakes.


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