Kookie Irish Gin


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Alan Clarke is well known around the West of Ireland and he had, as we’d say in Ireland, a ’notion’.  His ‘notion’ was to create a gin brand from and of the West but he lacked one thing…….a distillery. He met our commercial director, Killian, sold him on the idea and within a few months he had an incredible liquid created by our team in conjunction with our great friend and international liquid legend, Julia Nourney.

Kookie is a small batch handcrafted Irish Gin distilled in Co.Mayo on the banks of the River Moy. We took a rich bouquet of base botanicals and infused them with Bergamot and fragrant Rose Petals, giving our gin distinct notes of Earl Grey Tea.

Kookie is also an inquisitive Springer Spaniel and the inspiration for this gin. On long walks together in the pine covered mountains and along the shores of The Wild Atlantic Coast, Alan dreamt of ways to present the Best of the West’s fragrances and flavours in a bottle. The Connacht Distillery is proud to have worked with Alan to create this tremendous product at our home of award-winning spirits.



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