connacht single malt batch 1


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Batch 1 is the first whiskey to come off our own copper pot stills. It has been patiently matured for four years, when our distillers judged it to be ready for appreciation by whiskey lovers.

This small batch, double distilled Single Malt is made from 100% malted Irish barley, aged in ex-bourbon casks and finished in Jerez casks.

Tasting notes:

First Aromas
Raisins and dried fruits, followed by a honey sweetness with notes of fudge and butterscotch with an almond nuttiness and hints of star anise.

On the Palate
Vanilla and spices compliment notes of dried fruits and malt.

The Finish
Warming and full bodied with lingering walnuts and honey.



Drinks created by Ivana Maresic, beverage director of Dublin’s bar 1661.

A spirit forward twist on a Manhattan.


Connacht Single Malt Whiskey
Sweet Vermouth (Carpano Antica)
Oloroso Sherry
Fig Liqueur (Briottet)
Angostura Bitters

Method: Stirred
Glassware: Nick and Nora
Garnish: Orange peel

A refreshing whiskey highball.


Connacht Single Malt Whiskey
Mead (Kinsale)
Rhubarb Cordial
Achill Salt Solution

Method: Built
Glassware: Slim Jim
Garnish: Skeleton Leaf

For those looking for something that little bit more adventurous.

Connacht Single Malt Whiskey   
Apple Ice Wine (Killahora)
Apricot Liqueur (Giffard)
Sweet Woodruff Syrup
Orange Angostura Bitters
Sarsaparilla Tincture

Method: Stirred
Glassware: Rocks
Garnish: Green & Yellow Isomalt Glass

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