DRAMS UNITED : Ballyhoo Irish Whiskey and Brothership Blended Whiskey


Drams United have recently published an article on November 25th 2018 titled

“The Connacht Whiskey Company: Ballyhoo Irish Whiskey and Brothership Blended Whiskey”

They discuss in detail, their thoughts on both Brothership Blended Whiskey and Ballyhoo 4 yr old grain Whiskey . Here is an extract of that article and what they had to say about the whiskeys :

“Both whiskeys are very different. The Ballyhoo clearly shows its youth and the port finish has not given it too much complexity. He has not necessarily met my personal taste, but it certainly is a whiskey that you can drink in a cozy round with friends, if you do not care much about what you have in the glass, would like to do. And if the bottle gets empty during the evening, that’s no problem at the low price. I liked the Brothership a lot better with its pronounced notes of vanilla and fruit. This Irish-American experiment can be considered quite successful “

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