Work crews have begun the process of constructing the Connacht Distillery in Ballina. Ultimately, this project will see the transformation of the old Duffy’s Bakery building into a state of the art distillery tailor-made for the production of fine pot still Irish whiskey and other Irish spirits.

The inside of our building is plenty large to contain our ambitions. The plan is to construct a large production area, a bottling room, a rick house for aging barrels of whiskey, and a visitors’ centre with a tasting room and gift shop. In addition to portioning new rooms, we will also be adding a new level to a portion of the facility. At this time, all we have is an empty room, but with time and effort we will see it transformed into a perfect space for a distillery.

The reconstruction efforts extend even to the exterior of the building. We’re adding new, large windows to better incorporate views of the Irish landscape into the design. When finished, we hope to have all of our facilities in a clean, modern space that boasts wonderful views of the River Moy. Unfortunately, the view from the distillery is currently blocked by our construction efforts, but once the fences are gone and the weather clears, the vista will be spectacular.