Connacht Distillery

The Connacht Distillery sits on the banks of the beautiful River Moy where the river widens into the Moy Estuary in Ballina, County Mayo.  Here we distill and barrel-age our spirits in a rural, coastal environment unique to the West of Ireland.

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About the Distillery

The Connacht Distillery is a totally self-contained 2500m2 facility. We prepare our mash, ferment, distill, age, and bottle our spirits all on site. The air in our distillery enjoys the heavenly scent of evaporating fine Irish whiskey known as “the angels’ share.” The heady odor of whiskey is a far cry from the yeasty tang the building used to enjoy when it housed the Duffy family bakery. The building surely has moved from one classic use of fine Irish grains to another. The distillery houses our three copper pot stills, which were custom designed by our master distiller, Robert Cassell, for the sole purpose of making great whiskey. We had our stills made to these specifications in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada by the very experienced Specific Mechanical Systems. The dimensions of our stills, particularly their necks and heads, are different than others being used in Ireland, ensuring that our whiskey also will be unique and special. We are not only proud of our unique stills, but we are also pleased with Connacht’s malt handling and brewing equipment made in Germany by ROLEC, the best craft brewing equipment manufacturer.   The custom-made equipment combines the high efficiency and high capacity of modern beer brewing with the traditional brewing and fermentation processes needed for making fine whiskey. The distillery’s barrel room houses casks full of our whiskey; here our whiskey slowly matures. Our Irish whiskey never leaves our control and remains along the banks of the Moy, enjoying and benefiting from the unique terroir of our western Irish setting. The Connacht Whiskey Company The Connacht Whiskey CompanyThe Connacht Whiskey CompanyBarrel prep day The Connacht Whiskey Company The Connacht Whiskey Company

The Connacht Distillery is pleased to be part of the Ballina community and welcomes visitors to the distillery. Our visitor centre is open 10:30AM to 18:00PM Wednesday to Friday  and  Saturday from 12:00 to 17:00. In the distillery’s Mullarkey Bar guests can sample our whiskey, gin, poitin, and vodka, including signature cocktails made with our products. A unique blend of old and new, the comfortable room overlooks the gentle flow of the River Moy. The bar itself was hand-crafted from repurposed timber flooring recently removed from Dublin’s Boland Mills, floors upon which Irish patriots stood and battled British soldiers during the 1916 Easter Rising. Our distillery shop sells bottles of our currently available spirits. We also offer Connacht Whiskey Company merchandise, from sportswear to shot glasses, and other locally sourced products and souvenirs. After a tour of the distillery and a tasting of our spirits in the Mullarkey Bar, a visit to our gift shop is a must.

Please note the distillery is closed to the public Monday and Tuesday.

Imagine owning a your own cask of uisce beatha–the water of life made traditionally in the west Of Ireland. The Connacht Whiskey Company is pleased to announce an offering of a very limited number of full 200 litre casks of our award winning new make single malt Irish whiskey. Every cask of whiskey we make is unique-and now you can put your name on one. Purchase a barrel of Connacht Whiskey and we will mature it for you at our distillery where the influence of the River Moy will enhance the characteristic of the spirit. We also invite you to visit your barrel throughout its maturation as it is aged to perfection. Please use the contact form below to find out more details.

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