Brothership Hot Toddy


Cold days call for a great Hot Toddy drink. We got you covered with this perfect recipe:

3 oz. Brothership Blended Whiskey
1 oz. honey
1 ½ oz. lemon juice
½ tsp zested ginger
Clove studded lemon peel
6-8 oz. hot water
Directions: Combine ingredients in a glass or mug. Zest ginger into a tea strainer – pour the hot water over into the glass. Stir, express lemon peel over, and stud with cloves for garnish.

Hot Toddy History
Hot toddies are famous cold weather drinks that first became popular in Western Europe during the 18th century, when pubs in and around the city of Edinburgh served Scotch whiskey with a splash of boiling water to fend off the bitter Scottish cold. The United Kingdom’s trade routes with India made exotic spices routine, and pubs started throwing more than hot water and whisky into their drinks. The hot toddy has also been connected to ancient India, where locals would make medicinal hot beverages out of tree sap. There is another origin story which dates back to Robert Bentley Todd, a physician in mid-19th-century Dublin. Dr. Todd is remembered for his prescription of a hot drink of brandy, canella (white cinnamon), sugar syrup and water that was fondly called a hot toddy in honor of the Doctor.