In a recent article titled “Must Try Whiskeys in 2018” that featured on the website “Proof”, C.C Curtis writes about  “the newest and most exciting must try whiskeys that you won’t want to miss out on”.

He writes about our 4 yr old grain Ballyhoo, describing it as “one of the must try whiskeys of the year”. Quoting The Connacht Whiskey Company as “a rising star in the Whiskey producing world”.


Want to know more about Ballyhoo?

We buy the very best four-year-old Irish grain whiskey, which has a mash bill of 93% corn and 7% malted barley and bring it to our distillery in County Mayo. We re-barrel it in once used port barrels for at least three months. It is not chill filtered, so we can preserve the smooth easy taste.  The fresh grain whiskey slowly picks up the color and sweetness of the port, giving it a gentle but sweet nose with some appealing vanilla notes and floral bouquet. Finally, we hand bottle it on site at the distillery. Fun, bright and festive, Ballyhoo Irish Whiskey is made for celebrations. Ballyhoo is an exclamation of triumph over the rival team. A rallying cry between lifelong friends. A toast to a difficult journey or a hard-fought victory. A celebration of the now. Raise a glass of this Irish whiskey to exuberant moments that become enduring memories.


Ballyhoo is available to buy Online in Ireland from