Connacht Irish Whiskey

Since 2016, we have been distilling and laying down our own double distilled single malt Irish whiskey that will reflect the unique terroir of unspoilt, rural western Ireland. Our master distiller, Robert Cassell, has selected a unique blend of the finest Irish grains which he has combined with water that is sourced from the nearby County Mayo lakes of Lough Conn and Lough Cullin. These two elements form the backbone of our whiskey. After our whiskey leaves our copper pot stills, we transfer it to American oak barrels that once held American bourbon. The choice of barrels is a nod to the Irish-American heritage of several of our founders. The whiskey laden barrels rest on-site in our distillery’s barrel room, where the whiskey slowly matures only metres from the River Moy and just a few kilometres from the Atlantic Ocean. This unique location will favourably impact the eventual flavour of Connacht’s whiskey. Once finally mature, we will hand bottle our whiskey at the distillery. After that, some of Connacht’s fine Irish whiskey will be enjoyed in Ireland, and some will cross the Atlantic to find a home in America, much like some of our ancestors. In 2017, we also started distilling and laying down our own triple distilled single malt Irish whiskey and transfer it to a variety of interesting barrels to begin it’s aging in our on-site barrel room.

Conncullin Irish Gin

Conncullin Irish Gin is an exquisitely crafted small batch premium Irish gin. A signature blend of juniper supported by hawthorn berry, elderberry and other botanicals marry to form a complex flavour profile. Conncullin has a beautiful berry nose but finishes big and bold with nice juniper notes and hints of citrus. It is pot distilled and hand bottled at full 94 proof (47% ABV) at the our distillery in County Mayo. Conncullin Irish Gin has already been awarded a Gold Medal and 92 points by the International Review of Spirits. Irish gin is a fairly new product as spirits go, so our gin’s name and image evoke the modern, clean nature of Irish gin. Conncullin is the merging of the names of two County Mayo lakes, Lough Conn and Lough Cullin, which are the source of the water used at our distillery. The lakes, which are connected to each other, are also linked to the Atlantic by the River Moy. Echoing the two connected lakes, our logo features two interconnected circles filled with water in a -green-blue hue.

Exciting news on Conncullin!

New for 2019 is a special edition of Conncullin Irish Gin designed exclusively for Ireland and the EU. Our new look  #ConncullinGin still has that great berry flavour, but we have lowed the proof and the price! The new look and great tasting Conncullin Irish gin is now available throughout Ireland at a sale price of €29.99..what’s not to love!

Also, we have received an outstanding new review of Conncullin from the Wine Enthusiast Magazine.

Wine Enthusiast
Conncullin Irish Gin

Bright juniper and citrus aromas seem to leap out of the glass. The palate is similarly citrusy, accented by anise and pink peppercorn, plus a brisk juniper exit and a moderate amount of alcohol heat.
— K. N. Published 8/1/2019

Straw Boys Irish Poitin

Poitin, pronounced “put′ cheen” and sometimes spelled poteen, is unaged, white whiskey that has been made in small Irish villages for decades. It’s essentially what Americans call “moonshine.” While Dublin distillers benefited from economies of scale, rural distillers operating in western Ireland’s isolated townlands relied more on a keen eye for the excise man and their neighbours’ generosity to pitch in and pay the fine if they were caught. One of our founders had a great-great uncle, a John Mullarkey, who spent a few months in the Sligo Gaol for the crime of illicit distillation. Whereas John Mullarkey would have used a small, portable still up in the Ox Mountains, we use Connacht Distillery’s beautiful copper stills and a traditional malted barley base for the mash.   Although poitin is oftentimes very high proof – as much as 120 proof, our poitin has a more restrained proof point of 90 (45% ABV).  Straw Boys Irish Poitin was awarded a Double Gold and Best in Category by the  American Distilling Institute. Only 9 brands out of 802 entered were given the Double Gold distinction. We were also awarded a Gold Medal at the 2017 Irish Whiskey Awards. The name “Straw Boys Poitin” celebrates the theme of family, friends, and neighbours which is inherent in the story of Irish poitin. Crashing parties, particularly weddings, is a long-standing tradition, and in the West of Ireland wedding crashers were known as “straw boys.” Straw boys would obscure their faces with large conical hats made of straw, pop into the reception, dance with the bride and groom, have a quick drink, and then be on their way. The appearance of straw boys was a sign of good luck to the wedding couple.

Straw Boys Irish Vodka

Because Americans often equate potatoes with Ireland, using potatoes to make Irish vodka makes some sense, at least at first blush. However, because the Connacht Distillery is located in western Ireland where potato farming is not particularly prevalent, we opted to base our vodka on grain. It is batch distilled in our copper pots stills and hand bottled at our distillery at 80 proof (40% ABV). Our vodka has a rich mouth feel that is luscious, silky, and semi-sweet. As we do for our poitin, we’re using the Straw Boys name and logo with our vodka. Like the wedding crashing straw boys of western Ireland, our vodka is fun and spirited. Straw Boys Irish Vodka was also awarded 94 points and a Gold Medal from the Tastings International Review of Spirits making it one of the highest rated vodkas in the world! It was given a gold medal and named best Irish vodka at the 2016 Irish Whiskey Awards and repeated with another gold medal at the 2017 awards.

Brothership Blended Whiskey

Have we mentioned that some of our founders are Irish-Americans? Ours is a story of Atlantic crossings, of “goodbyes” and “welcome home,” of holding fast to heritage and building new traditions, but most of all it is a story of family, friends, and neighbours. To celebrate this history, our master distiller, Robert Cassell, has re-imagined a whiskey that creates something new and different. He combines the best of two traditions, the smooth warmth of Irish whiskey and the rich boldness of American whiskey, into one beautiful product that pays homage to the heritage of each component. We buy Irish malt whiskey that has aged 10 years as well as American whiskey that has also aged 10 years, Robert has skillfully blended the two whiskeys and bottled it at Connacht’s partner distillery New Liberty Distillery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our Brothership Blended Whiskey is available in both the US and Ireland and was recently awarded a Gold Medal and 92 points (Excellent, Highly Recommended) at the 2017 Ultimate Spirit Challenge. We can think of no better way to salute the very special relationship between Ireland and America, than to raise a glass of Brothership Blended Whiskey to the health of our families and friends on both sides of the Atlantic. Slainte!

Ballyhoo Irish Whiskey

We buy the very best four-year-old Irish port finished whiskey, which has a mash bill of 93% corn and 7% malted barley and bring it to our distillery in County Mayo. We re-barrel it in once used port barrels for six months. It is not chill filtered, so we can preserve the smooth easy taste.  The fresh port finished whiskey slowly picks up the color and sweetness of the port, giving it a gentle but sweet nose with some appealing vanilla notes and floral bouquet. Finally, we hand bottle it on site at the distillery. We are very excited to report that Ballyhoo Irish Whiskey was recently awarded an outstanding 92 points by the Wine Enthusiast Magazine in the March 2019 issue.

Wine Enthusiast
Ballyhoo Irish Whiskey

This easy-drinking whiskey has a
straw hue, mild vanilla aroma and
feather-light feel on the palate.
Smooth layers of vanilla and lemon
cream are braced by black pepper
and the faintest whiff of smoke.
Finished in Port casks.
— K. N. Published 3/1/2019


Fun, bright and festive, Ballyhoo Irish Whiskey is made for celebrations. Ballyhoo is an exclamation of triumph over the rival team. A rallying cry between lifelong friends. A toast to a difficult journey or a hard-fought victory. A celebration of the now. Raise a glass of this Irish whiskey to exuberant moments that become enduring memories. Ballyhoo!

Spade and Bushel 12 Year Old Double-Barrel

In 2016 we transferred  Spade and Bushel 10 year outstanding Single Malt Irish whiskey to premium select bourbon casks further enhancing the wonderful characteristics.

This coupled with the maritime climate and the remarkable location of the only whiskey maturation warehouse on the west coast of Ireland has created a unique marriage. Imparting prominent flavours of honey and vanilla and roasted almond finish bottled at 42.3% this magnificent whiskey is truly a sit back and relax sipper