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Our Story…

The Connacht Distillery is a story of family and friendship, of Atlantic crossings and re-crossings and the shared dream of five men who combine the best of what it means to be both Irish and American. Men whose personal stories and family histories embody the very character and history of both old and new Ireland.

It is the story of a small team with a big idea. PJ, David, Tom, John and Rob who have a vision of bringing modern techniques to an old tradition of craft distilling and create outstanding spirits for discerning drinkers. A team who are committed to using the greatness of the Irish pot still distilling method to create unique whiskeys, gin and poitin that are more full of flavour and character and higher in proof than anything else available.

With its own stills that have been custom designed by our award winning crafts spirit distiller, in time the Distillery will become particularly known for its single pot still whiskey. But as we wait for that to mature, we will develop our own whiskey blends, gin, and poitin. Spirits created for discerning drinkers who are looking for that little bit more from what they drink.